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The Quest for East Africa


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“The Quest for East Africa” is about Jake Garland and Eric Henderson, two American CIA agents in Iran. A routine traffic stop has them caught by the Iran military. The two men met in college, where they quickly become became friends, roommates, and classmates as well, despite their different family backgrounds. Jake was always the smarter of the two, as evidenced by his test scores. He scores so high on one test that the FBI wants to talk to him about recruiting him into the agency. At first, he refuses, but then after some thinking, he agrees. His only condition is that Henderson is allowed to come with him. They agree, and in no time, the two of them are training in Washington for the next two years.

They train for two years and hear nothing of field assignments until an ex-FBI agent named Higgins, who is looking to train a new type of agent in the CIA, contacts them. The new type of agent will fight a new type of war. This war is not against a nation but against insurgents throughout the world. They will help train the armies of America’s allies to fight insurgents that could also be a threat to America. From now on, Jake and Eric are referred to by their codenames, Mustang and Eagle. Once in the CIA, they spend another two years training in the fields of espionage, shooting, foreign language, and culture. They then spend years overseas in the Middle East. Neither of them has been home in eight years, so when Higgins sends them a coded message that tells them this is their last assignment before returning to America, they are ecstatic.

During their time of service, a war broke out between Sudan and Ethiopia. After a decade of bloodshed, the U.S. and U.N. forced the two nations to sign a treaty. This treaty created a buffer zone between the two countries, a new nation that is called East Africa. The ruler of this country is set up by the U.S. and at first, becomes a valuable ally to them. Unfortunately, he later turns power-hungry. This is due in part to finding oil in his country, which is the biggest deposit in years. At the height of an oil and economic crisis, this gives him tremendous power. That’s where Jake and Eric come in. They must stop him and restore peace. There are twists and turns on this adventurous and mysterious story. You must read “The Quest for East Africa” to find out what happens.

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