Greg Lane


Greg Lane, at the age of 49, carries a rich life experience. As a husband of 23 years and a father to five, his personal life is as rewarding as his professional one. He was raised in a humble town in southern Georgia, and his life journey has been deeply rooted in the charm of the South.

Upon completing his education at Auburn University with a degree in business, Greg embarked on a lifelong journey of entrepreneurship. His ventures led him to live in a variety of southern towns before he eventually decided to put down roots in Auburn, AL, where he chose to raise his family.

Greg’s father, a veteran of the Vietnam War, was a significant influence on his aspirations to become a writer. The stories his father shared about his war experiences not only shaped Greg’s childhood but also stirred in him a profound inspiration. This inspiration led him to write this book, a tribute to his father’s remarkable life stories.

Greg hopes that his book will evoke in the readers the same fascination and enjoyment that he experienced in the process of writing it. He extends his heartfelt gratitude to all the readers and wishes them the blessings of the Divine.



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