Unraveling Stories, Stitching Lives.

A Journey Beyond Borders with Greg Lane

Experience the intricate narratives of life, adventure, and valor, intricately penned by Greg Lane. A testament to a lifetime of learning, exploring, and an unending fascination for storytelling.

Greg Lane

Greg Lane, at the age of 49, carries a rich life experience. As a husband of 23 years and a father to five, his personal life is as rewarding as his professional one. He was raised in a humble town in southern Georgia, and his life journey has been deeply rooted in the charm of the South.


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The Quest for East Africa

The Quest for East Africaā€¯ is about Jake Garland and Eric Henderson, two American CIA agents in Iran. A routine traffic stop has them caught by the Iran military. The two men met in college, where they quickly become became friends, roommates, and classmates as well, despite their different family backgrounds. Jake was always the smarter of the two, as evidenced by his test scores. 

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